Sunday, July 3, 2011

dream satellite

Do you need load to your dream satellite? Now its easy to reload it. Just using SMS.

To Inquire about your Dream Satellite TV Account Balance: 

 DREAM INQ <Smart Card number> 

To Load your Dream Satellite TV Account:

 DREAM LOAD <DREAM Pre-Paid Card Pin> <Smart Card Number> 

To Purchase a Movie:

 BUY <Pay-Per-View Code> < Smart Card Number> 

To Request for Instructions on how to use the Dream SMS Service:


Send all texts:

 for GLOBE & Touch Mobile subscribers or 
 for SMART & Talk 'n Text subscribers

What is DREAM Prepaid card pin?
DREAM prepaid card pin is the pin # that was sent at you when you load trough load xtreme/Vmobile or load central with the denomination of 100, 390, and 650. The prepaid card pin will be sent to your cell phone number and just follow the format to load your dream satellite and send it to corresponding number. They will sent you a confirmation message and wait a couple minutes to activate your channel. You can buy the dream Prepaid card and follow the direction at the back of the card.
Note: Make sure your unit is open when you reload your dream satellite.

What is Smart Card Number?
Smart Card Number is the 12 digit number in your dream satellite card that was inserted in your unit.

If encase you need a load just contact me.:09076559311